General work duties in teaching contract of Korea

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During the term of their contract, in addition to teaching classes, the employee is required to prepare for, teach and carry out all required teaching and administrative duties related to their classes and the functioning of the school as assigned by their employer. These duties are not considered class time and teachers do not receive

Damage and Utility Deposits in teaching contract at Korean hagwon

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Because of bad experiences in the past or simply to protect themselves, Korean employers will many times request a damage/utility deposit for their accommodations. This is so that in the event the teacher does not pay all of his or her utilities before leaving the country once their contract is finished, or in the event

Teaching contract termination at Korean hagwon

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Teachers who wish to terminate their contract for any reason must give at least 30 days notice in writing to the school. This is so the school has time to find and bring in a replacement teacher. The employer will be required to pay the employees salary up to and including the date of termination

Severance pay in teaching contract at Korean hagwon

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  Upon completion of the 12-month contract, all schools pay their teachers a bonus equal to one month's salary. This is usually paid along with the last month's salary. The school is not required to pay the bonus if the teacher terminates his or her contract prior to its completion for any reason, nor if

Class hours of teaching jobs in Korea

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Private language schools vary greatly in the number of monthly classes and teaching hours, but generally range from 100-120 class hours per month. This is in-class teaching time only, and preparation time is always extra. Class durations can vary from 40 - 90 minutes depending on the age and skill level of the students, so

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