Private language schools vary greatly in the number of monthly classes and teaching hours, but generally range from 100-120 class hours per month. This is in-class teaching time only, and preparation time is always extra.

Class durations can vary from 40 – 90 minutes depending on the age and skill level of the students, so 100 hours a month does not necessarily mean 100 classes; 150 forty-minute classes or 120 fifty-minute classes for 100 teaching hours a month.

Depending on the school and the type of students they have, language school classes may start as early as 6am and can finish as late as 10pm. Classes may be block or split shift. Public school classes are usually from 9am to 4pm and generally are 40-50 minutes in length.

Students go to school from Monday to Saturday in Korea (as opposed to Monday to Friday in western countries), so teachers may have Saturday classes.

Teachers also need to be aware that during the public school summer and winter vacations, because students do not have to attend regular school, private language schools adjust their schedules to begin and finish earlier in the day. Also, most will also offer vacation intensive classes for students that want to get ahead. Because of this, teachers can expect to begin around 9am and finish around 4 or 5pm during the four or five weeks of summer and winter vacation, and many will be required to put in overtime. Teachers should check the exact conditions of their contract regarding vacation and overtime as each school varies.