Our services are FREE for teachers!

Teachers do not pay us a cent for all the services we provide them, nor do we take a portion of their salary or benefits. There are agencies out there that do charge teachers for their help, but that will never happen at PlanetESL. Schools pay us a fee to introduce them to energetic, qualified and enthusiastic teachers and to properly prepare them for teaching in South Korea and that is the only money we accept.


“Do I need experience?”

No way! Many schools in Korea do not require that you have previous experience. What you DEFINITELY will need is a Bachelor degree in any discipline, a positive, open-minded attitude, you must be energetic and up-beat, and you ABSOLUTELY must love to meet new people and try new things. If that is you, then you definitely have all you need to be a PlanetESL teacher.


These are the services we provide to teachers:

Job Search: You tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will provide you with jobs matching your criteria.

Hiring-Process Assistance: We guide you through every single step of the hiring process, making sure you have all the correct documentation and know where to send it and when.

Contract Assistance: We provide detailed information on contract terms and conditions so that you are confident with what you are signing. We also make sure that you are getting everything that you deserve from your employer and that your contract is fair and in accordance with Korean law.

Cultural/Lifestyle Information: We provide information on the culture and lifestyle in Korea so that you know what to expect from your new environment before you come and can make the transition much easier.

Working Environment Information: We ensure that you are fully aware of what your job entails, what you can expect from your employer and what your employer and students will expect from you.

Continued Mentoring and Support: Unlike many agencies who feel that their responsibility to you is complete once you arrive in Korea, we remain available to you throughout your contract to help if you have any difficulties in the classroom, with your employer, or just meeting people or getting around.

Re-signing Priority: If you go through PlanetESL for your second year in Korea, you will get priority placement in our top jobs!


Why do I need a recruiter when I could just sign with a school on my own?

The question you really should be asking yourself is:

“Do I know the background of this school and do I really trust them to be fair with me?”

We investigate every single school that we deal with to be sure that their reputation is solid, both in the ESL business and with other teachers. We talk to other teachers that have worked there to get an accurate understanding of the work environment and we examine their contracts to make sure that they are fair and in accordance with Korean law. We look in the classrooms, check out the accommodations and even count their students until we are positive that this is somewhere we can be comfortable placing a teacher to work. There are some schools out there that aim to take advantage of inexperienced teachers, but with PlanetESL at your side, you can feel secure knowing that someone is always there for you.


Why go through PlanetESL instead of another recruiter?

1. No middle-men:

We deal DIRECTLY with employers; we don’t use middlemen or other recruiters who may or may not be as picky about the reputations of their clients or the quality of contracts or working conditions as we are.

2. We are here in Korea:

We are not an overseas recruiter handing you off to Korean employers we have never met, to work in a school we have never seen, to live in accommodations we have never inspected and to fend for yourself in a new country all alone after pocketing our fee from the school. We are here in Korea and visit each and every client to see for ourselves who they are, with whom you will work, where you will live, and to be sure we can feel great about placing your there.

3. We guide you through every single step of the hiring process:

The hiring process can be long and confusing at times, but we will be there throughout to be sure that you know exactly what documents you need for both your application and your work visa, where you need to send them and when they need to be there. We will represent you to the employer, making sure that you get the contract that is the best for you and that it is fair and in accordance with Korean law.

4. We provide mentoring and support throughout your contract:

Once you join the planetESL team, you become a part of a large and wide-ranging resource of knowledge and experience. We know exactly what it is like coming to Korea to teach, and we know exactly what teachers need to help make the transition smooth and painless. We prepare you for what to expect before you get here, providing you with information about the culture, daily life and working environment so that there are no surprises after you arrive. Not only that, but we continue to be here for you throughout your contract to help with anything you need; teaching tips, how to handle students, questions about your contract, great places to visit and more! We are available via the planetESL by email or phone any day of the week.

5. Priority placement for return teachers:

If you go through PlanetESL in your second year, you will get priority placement in our TOP JOBS!

6. No hype:

Unlike many other recuiters in Korea and around the world, our reputation is of the utmost importance to us. We are not in this to make a fast buck; we want you to come back to us for your second term, and we want you to tell your friends about us. We will never lie, exaggerate or misrepresent any facts to you. You can always count on us to be completely honest; we absolutely refuse to do business any other way.



We have almost 10 years in the recruiting and teaching business here in Korea, and have seen everything that there is to see. We have a sincere desire to help teachers come here and want to make sure that they thoroughly enjoy their experience here. We take great pride in what we do, and we go to great lengths to be sure our teachers are taken care of.