Interview at Korean Consulate

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What to Expect at the Korean Consulate During your Interview The role of this interview is to eliminate any candidates who are considered unsuitable to teach in Korea by the Korean consulate. Please remember that this is a job interview. It is important to act and dress professionally. Try to arrive early for your interview.

Guam Visa-Run

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Guam Visa Run This section is intended for U.S. teachers who want to teach at a private school and have never had an E-2 Visa before, but can't go back to the United States to issue their visas. Since Guam is a territory of the United States, U.S. teachers can get their E-2 visas at

Japan Visa-Run

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Japan Visa Run This section is intended for teachers who are already teaching at a school in Korea and need to make a visa run to Japan to extend their visas. New consulate requirements in Japan means that you should budget at least two days to complete the process. Teachers should submit their documents before

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