What to Expect at the Korean Consulate During your Interview The role of this interview is to eliminate any candidates who are considered unsuitable to teach in Korea by the Korean consulate. Please remember that this is a job interview. It is important to act and dress professionally. Try to arrive early for your interview. Dress in business casual attire, but suit jackets and ties are not required. Be kind and patient and speak slowly and clearly. During your interview, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your background, experience, and goals for teaching in Korea.

Some of the concerns of the Korean Government are: drug use, criminal record, education and employment history, mental health, and your intentions for going to Korea to teach.

Be aware that Korean society has zero tolerance for drugs. Why would you be a good teacher to children? Why do you want to go to Korea to teach? It is a good idea to think about how you will answer these, and other questions they may ask you beforehand.



Receiving Your Visa Most of the time, you will be able pick up your visa the business day AFTER your interview. If you do not want to pick up your visa in person, then it will be issued and mailed within 2 business days of your interview in a self-addressed envelope you provide. NO FedEx RETURN ENVELOPES!! Once the interview has been conducted and the work visa approved, the consulate will stamp the visa in the teacher’s passport. The visa usually takes between three and five business days to process after the interview, though as little as one hour has been heard of. Once the teacher has their passport with visa in hand, they are ready to book a flight to Korea. Answers to Common Questions on the Visa Application Form

  • Section 8: Classification – OR (Ordinary)
  • Section 10: Place of Issue- Your home country (or the country where you are getting your E-2 Visa)
  • Section 16, 17, 18: Current occupation in your home country
  • Section 19: English Teacher
  • Section 21: Desired length of stay – 1 year
  • Section 23: Address in Korea – Write the school’s address
  • Section 27: Who will pay for your trip – Employer
  • Section 31: Guarantor in Korea – The director of your school