Public School FAQ

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Public School FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: How does the Location Selection Process Work? A:EPIK places teachers according to their provincial preferences using an unbiased first-come, first-served system. Teachers who get their applications in early and provide all of their documents will therefore have a much better chance of getting their top choices. Applicants are unable

Public School Visa Process

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Public School Visa Documents Preparation (to obtain a work visa for a Public School position) All of the following documents need to be sent to PlanetESL by FedEx or DHL as soon as a teacher passes the EPIK interview. **NOTE: Do not send documents via USPS, Canada Post or Purlator. They do not allow for

Public School Application Process

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The application process for public schools is more involved and lengthy than private schools. EPIK screens teachers and checks teacher’s documents very carefully. It is important to make sure that you know the application details and follow the procedures correctly! NOTE: EPIK will begin accepting Spring 2012 applications from the first week of October 2011

Benefits of Public Schools

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Public School Benefits Planet ESL has been selected as one of the selected Recruiting Agencies for EPIK (English Program in Korea). Teachers can be placed at public schools in major cities and the provinces all over Korea, including SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education). Advantages of Working at Public Schools: 100% secure employment because you

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