Q: How does the Location Selection Process Work?

A:EPIK places teachers according to their provincial preferences using an unbiased first-come, first-served system. Teachers who get their applications in early and provide all of their documents will therefore have a much better chance of getting their top choices. Applicants are unable to select specific cities or districts within a province. Applicants must be flexible. The final location decision is made by the Provincial Office of Education (POE), and not the National EPIK office.


Q: When will I know where I am placed?

A: While you will know which province you will be placed in when you receive your contract before coming to Korea, you will only know the exact school during the orientation.


Q: Will I be reimbursed for my flight?

A: Yes, EPIK will reimburse all teachers for their flights with an Entrance Allowance of $1.3 million KRW, paid to each teacher within the first month of work. An Exit Allowance of $1.3 million KRW will be paid to each teacher at the end of their contract to cover the cost of their travel home.


Q: How do I get a Residency Certification form to qualify for Korean Tax Exemption?

A: All EPIK teachers except Canadian and Irish citizens are eligible for income tax exemption, provided they haven’t worked in Korea for two years. In order to apply, teachers need to submit a Residency Certification obtained from the jurisdictional taxation department in their home country. Teachers need to provide this form to the Korean tax department within their first month of employment.


Q: Can my Joint Applicant and I get couple housing?

A: Couple housing is only provided to married Joint Applicants and both applicants must be EPIK teachers. A photocopy of the marriage certificate is required if the applicants have different last names. Single housing will be provided to unmarried joint applicants. Housing will be secured by a teacher’s school and EPIK cannot provide housing or school details before arrival.


Q: I have already applied to EPIK through another agency, or directly. Can I apply with Planet ESL to increase my chances?

A: Applying to EPIK more than once will not increase your odds of being hired. It will be considered a Double Booking, and the applicant will not be considered as an applicant from our agency.


Q: Can I find out why I was failed?

A: The reasons for an applicant’s failure will not be notified.