Where to get ESL resources in Korea

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  Description: “What the Book?” is the only English book sales site to offer foreigners the following options: pay for your order at our retail location, pick up your order at our retail location, and bank transfers to pay for your order. We know that foreigners in Korea do not like to send money home

How to teach English in a class in Korea

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Preparation From the very first day, teachers should get in the habit of arriving an hour or more before the start of their first class so that they can adequately prepare for the day’s classes. Not only will your boss see this and be impressed with and grateful for your professionalism and positive attitude, but

What is work environment in Korea?

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  Teachers in Korea In Confucius societies, teachers are greatly revered. Those who devote themselves to educating society are highly respected throughout Asia, no matter what their social status is, and this is no different in Korea. Teachers in Korea are treated with great respect by their students, and this extends equally to foreign teachers

What are the different types of language academies in Korea?

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Kindergarten students in Korea No matter what country you are in around the world, children are cute, and that goes double for Korean kids. But no matter how adorable they are, kids are kids; it takes a certain personality to be able to handle more than one or two kindergarten-age children day after day. The

What are the types of English Teaching jobs in Korea?

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What are the types of English teaching jobs in Korea? Private Schools (Hakwons) From far back in Korean history, the best Korean universities have selected only those students who scored highest on entrance exams held at the same time every year. These students in turn would receive the best education, which enabled them to get

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