What is work environment in Korea?

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  Teachers in Korea In Confucius societies, teachers are greatly revered. Those who devote themselves to educating society are highly respected throughout Asia, no matter what their social status is, and this is no different in Korea. Teachers in Korea are treated with great respect by their students, and this extends equally to foreign teachers

What are the different types of language academies in Korea?

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Kindergarten students in Korea No matter what country you are in around the world, children are cute, and that goes double for Korean kids. But no matter how adorable they are, kids are kids; it takes a certain personality to be able to handle more than one or two kindergarten-age children day after day. The

Language Academy (Hagwon) Training and Orientation in Korea

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Even though many times applicants are not required to have any teaching experience prior to coming to South Korea to teach English, schools do not generally require new teachers to undergo any lengthy training or orientation. Most often, as the new teacher is coming in to begin his or her contract term, another teacher, just

What are the conditions for teaching contract termination?

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    The following are grounds for dismissal and contract termination: Displaying an unstable or violent personality Coming to work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Missing or being repeatedly late for classes, staff meetings, workshops or required school outings without proper notice. Repeatedly being not adequately preparing for classes. Being unable to

Do I get sick days and emergency leave while teaching in Korea?

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Sick Days: Not many schools in Korea offer paid sick days. Teacher salaries are based on how many class hours they work each month, and if a teacher misses class because illness and another teacher has to cover for them, the school will have to pay that other teacher overtime. For this reason, foreign teachers

Salary and Overtime of teaching job contract in Korea

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Monthly salaries for teachers with non-education degrees and no previous teaching experience currently range from 2,000,000 - 2,200,000 KRW.   Teachers who do have an education degree can usually make about 100,000 KRW more per month, and teachers with previous ESL teaching experience can negotiate for a higher salary, though just how much they can

National Korean pension benefits for expats in Korea

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  Employees of private schools, public schools, companies and government offices are all required to make monthly contributions to a pension plan, regardless of if they are Korean citizens or not. The employers can choose between the national pension plan and several other plans put forth by private insurance companies, and the monthly premium varies

Korean medical Insurance for English teachers

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As of 2006, Korean employers are obligated to provide their teachers with health care insurance, and most opt to go with the Korean National Health Insurance plan, though they can choose another if they wish. The school and teacher usually each cover half of the monthly cost, which is about 2.24% of the teacher’s monthly

National Holidays and Vacation in Korea

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Korean vacation is different from the concept of vacation in most Western countries. Employees cannot "book" off days throughout the year that they want to have off. Korean companies usually set a 4-week period in which all employees must take their vacation. Private schools generally compliment the Korean public school system, running their courses, exams

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