ESL 교사 지원자 모집 과정

  • Planet ESL의 고객사인 학교 및 학원의 명성은, 저희를 통해 고용된 ESL 선생님들의 자질과 능력에 기반을 두고 있으므로 좋은 선생님들을 엄선하기 위한 노력과 분석은 아주 중요합니다.
  • 그러므로 저희는 자질있는 선생님들을 엄선하기 위해, 지원자들의 이력서 및 지원서를 충분히 검토한 후 최종 인터뷰를 거쳐 선별하고 있습니다.

The PlanetESL Recruiting Strategy:

  • The PlanetESL website is listed on 46 major internet search engines worldwide and we actively advertise on many, including Google. Teachers apply directly through our website and we receive 200-300 applications per month.

  • We advertise directly to hundreds of universities, colleges and TEFL/TESOL schools in America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. These institutes advertise our company and positions on their websites and regularly post our positions in their career centers, print them in their monthly newsletters that go out to students and alumni, and pass them on directly to students and teachers in their classes.

  • We regularly advertise in major newspapers and periodicals in cities worldwide.
  • We advertise our positions and services on ESL Internet Job Sites around the world. Many of these job sites link directly to us and regularly email their database of teachers about our services and positions.

Recruiting Source Breakdown:

TEFL/TESOL Schools worldwide 245
US/Canada Universities & Colleges (TEFL) 195
UK, Australian and New Zealand Universities 141
ESL Internet Job Sites 51