At PlanetESL, we recruit qualified English instructors from around the world and assist our clients in all areas related to the interviewing, hiring and administrative processes:

  • Applicant Screening:

Screening Interview: We conduct phone interviews with each applicant to determine that their character, personality, sense of responsibility and maturity level are appropriate employment with our clients.

Document Screening: We closely examine each applicant’s resume to ensure that they meet educational and teaching experience requirements specified by our clients.

References: We confirm employment and character references to verify the employments history and character of our applicants.

  • Visa Processing Assistance:

We provide both employers and applicants with assistance in processing the work visa, including explaining which documents are needed and where and when to send them and how to get the visa issued once it is approved by Korean Immigration. We keep both the employer and the client regularly updated on the status of the application throughout the entire process.

  • Teacher Preparation:

We provide each teacher with detailed information on Korean culture and daily life, Korean students, schools and the Korean work environment so that they are aware of what to expect when they arrive and better able to adapt to life here.

  • Flight Reservations:

PlanetESL works very closely with several travel agencies around the world and as such has access to tickets at reduced cost. We handle all flight arrangements and ensure that teachers arrive in Korea by the date specified by their employer. We currently work with the following travel agents overseas:

      • USA & Canada: East West Travel, Chicago
      • New Zealand: NZ Travel, Auckland
      • Australia: Flight Centre, Sydney
      • United Kingdom: Dae Young Travel, London
      • South Africa: Jet Travel, Port Elizabeth
  • Airport Pickup:

We make sure that the teacher is met at the airport and escorted directly to the school.

  • 24/7 Support:

We are available to both teachers and employers 24 hours a day in the event of a problem or emergency.

  • Continued Contact & Support:

Even after the entire visa and hiring process are complete and the teacher has arrived in Korea to begin work, PlanetESL remains available to both the employer and the teacher throughout the entire year to lend help and support when needed. The difference in cultures can many times be confusing and PlanetESL is committed to helping to ensure that both the employer and the teacher have someone who understands them and who can facilitate communication and a better working relationship in the event of confusion or misunderstandings.

  • 3-month Guarantee:

We provide employers with a 3-month guarantee on each teacher we provide. If the employer is dissatisfied with the teacher for any reason, or if the teacher terminates their contract without sufficient cause or without sufficient notice within 90 days of the start of the contract, PlanetESL will replace the teacher free of charge or return our recruiting fee 100%.