Even though many times applicants are not required to have any teaching experience prior to coming to South Korea to teach English, schools do not generally require new teachers to undergo any lengthy training or orientation. Most often, as the new teacher is coming in to begin his or her contract term, another teacher, just having finished his or her contract, is leaving. For the school, this means that any time given to the new teacher to acclimatize to the new environment means that students will not have a teacher to instruct them. Normally a new teacher is afforded one to three days after arrival to meet the boss, co-workers and students, learn about the school’s teaching methodology and to sit in on classes and observe the other teachers at work. However, new teachers should not be surprised if they are expected to “teach” the first day on the job. This “trial by fire” may seem a little daunting at first, but new teachers quickly discover that neither the school nor the children really care at all if the teacher knows what he or she is doing right off the bat; the opportunity for the students to speak face-to-face with a foreigner is all that matters. Teaching ability and confidence will develop in time.