Where to get ESL resources in Korea

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  Description: “What the Book?” is the only English book sales site to offer foreigners the following options: pay for your order at our retail location, pick up your order at our retail location, and bank transfers to pay for your order. We know that foreigners in Korea do not like to send money home

South Africa Criminal Background Check – Teaching Visa Korea

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South African citizens must submit an apostilled copy of a Police Clearance Certificate. The whole process to get an apostilled Police Clearance Certificate takes at least 1-2 months so you must apply as soon as possible! If you can provide the Police with a sample contract, the process will be expedited and you can receive

AU and NZ Criminal Background Checks – Teaching Visa Korea

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Australia Criminal Record Check Requirements & Information Australian citizens must submit an apostilled copy of a National Police Check criminal record check. This process takes at least 3 weeks, so please apply for it ASAP! Step 1: Print and complete the National Police Check application form, found online. Click here Step 2: Mail the following

UK and IR Criminal Background Checks – Teaching Visa Korea

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UK Criminal Record Check Requirements & Information The basic disclosure The UK criminal record basic disclosure certificate will show all convictions held which are unspent. Any spent convictions will not be shown on the certificate. What are spent and unspent convictions? Certain criminal convictions are ‘spent’ after a rehabilitation period as defined in the Rehabilitation

US-FBI Check – Teaching Visa Korea

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As of 2011, all US citizens must submit an Apostilled copy of a Federal Criminal Record Check, obtained through the FBI. This copy must have been issued within the past 6 months. The process to obtain an FBI level Criminal Background takes at least 6 weeks, so US citizens must start the process ASAP. IMPORTANT:

Canada – RCMP Check – Teaching Visa Korea

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Canadian RCMP Check Requirements & Information Canadian citizens must submit a notarized & verified copy of a Certified Criminal Record Check. This copy must have been issued within the last 6 months. Electronic submission is the fastest option and takes 10-12 days where a mailed request can take up to 12 weeks! Remember to make

How to teach English in a class in Korea

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Preparation From the very first day, teachers should get in the habit of arriving an hour or more before the start of their first class so that they can adequately prepare for the day’s classes. Not only will your boss see this and be impressed with and grateful for your professionalism and positive attitude, but

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