Canadian RCMP Check Requirements & Information

Canadian citizens must submit a notarized & verified copy of a Certified Criminal Record Check. This copy must have been issued within the last 6 months. Electronic submission is the fastest option and takes 10-12 days where a mailed request can take up to 12 weeks! Remember to make a request for notarized CRCs, you might need an additional copy when applying for your E-2 visa at the consulate.   Canadian teachers MUST secure National level FINGER-PRINT based checks from the RCMP. Providing citywide or provincial level checks will not be accepted by the Korean Immigration Office, likewise, name and DOB based checks are no longer accepted.

Note: Canada does not have an agreement with the Apostille Convention, so your Criminal Record Check copy must have a Consulate Verification stamp from the Korean Consulate/Embassy nearest to you. Once you get your Criminal Record Check, first have it notarized by a notary public then mail or take the notarized copy to your nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate for the Consulate Verification stamp. This is essential for your CRC to be accepted by Korean immigration.

How do I submit an electronic finger-print card to the RCMP? There are two ways to submit an electronic finger-print card to the RCMP.

  1. Through a Private Finger Printing Service.
  2. Through police services with electronic vulnerable sector checks. If you decide to use the police then make sure they have the resources available to submit your finger-print card electronically.

–       Link for the locations of police services for electronic fingerprints submission

CRUCIAL: Please remember that name and DOB based checks are no longer accepted by the Korean authorities.

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