Australia Criminal Record Check Requirements & Information

Australian citizens must submit an apostilled copy of a National Police Check criminal record check. This process takes at least 3 weeks, so please apply for it ASAP!

Step 1: Print and complete the National Police Check application form, found online. Click here

Step 2: Mail the following documents to the Australian Federal Police:

  1. Completed National Police Check application form. Ensure all the necessary details have been completed and the form is signed and dated. Complete all sections in black pen using BLOCK LETTERS in the boxes. Mark the appropriate check boxes with a cross (X).
  2. $43.00 cheque or money order payable to the Australian Federal Police. Do NOT send cash.
  3. A copy of an Australian driver’s licence, or another form of acceptable identification (passport, full birth certificate, or marriage certificate).

Mailing Address: Australian Federal Police, Criminal Records Locked Bag 8550 CANBERRA CITY ACT 2601
Note: Below is contact information for the Criminal Records Office if you want to inquire about the status of your Police Check.       Tel. Number: (02) 6202 3333   Click to e-mail Criminal Records


New Zealand  Criminal Record Check Requirements & Information

New Zealand citizens must submit an apostilled copy of a criminal record check obtained from the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice says this process takes 20 working days, but they are often delayed & getting the apostille will add several more days. So the entire process takes almost 2 months, so please apply for it ASAP!

Step 1: Complete and print the PRIV/F1 application form, found online. Click here

Step 2: Get a scanned copy of either your driver’s license or passport

Step 3: Write a coversheet stating the following:

– Your application is for work as a teacher in South Korea

– You require the result to be on original letterhead with ink signature – You give the Ministry of Justice permission to forward your document to the Department of Internal Affairs for Apostille, address below.   If your request is urgent (i.e. your arrival date is upcoming and you need to get your Criminal Check soon!), you can get your Criminal check processed in 24 hours and sent to the Authenticiation Unit for the apostille in one day. To do this, you must include a copy of your contract of employment or official letter from your school and make a note on your coversheet that your request is URGENT.

Mailing Address: Carlee Reid, Authentication Unit, Department of Internal Affairs, PO Box 805 Wellington 

Step 4: Contact the Authentication Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Apostille and delivery of your record check. Their contact phone number is 0800 872 675 or send an e-mail The fee is $65 NZD (incl. GST) for one Apostille certificate and $31 NZD for each additional Apostille certificate submitted at the same time. You can pay by VISA, Mastercard or American Express details (card number, expiry date and name of cardholder), or cheque/money order to The Department of Internal Affairs. You must arrange to pay for the apostille for your Criminal Record Check before e-mailing your application to the Ministry of Justice. Also please purchase a return courier bag so that your apostilled criminal check can be mailed back to you quicker than regular post! It only costs NZ$5, please pay for it at the same time you pay for your apostille.

Step 5:E-mail your application form, scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport, coversheet, *employment contract (only if request is urgent) to the Criminal Records Unit at In your e-mail, please state again that the report has to be printed on an original document with an ink signature.

Mailing Address: Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Justice, National Office, P O Box 2750, Wellington

Below is contact information for the Criminal Records Office if you need to ask about the status of your Criminal Record Check. Tel: +64 (4) 918 8800 E-mail: