During the term of their contract, in addition to teaching classes, the employee is required to prepare for, teach and carry out all required teaching and administrative duties related to their classes and the functioning of the school as assigned by their employer. These duties are not considered class time and teachers do not receive additional compensation for performing them. Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Preparing teaching material
– Preparing games
– Preparing daily, weekly, monthly or term syllabi
– Preparing weekly, monthly or term progress reports/evaluations
– Teaching classes
– Assigning/correcting homework
– Giving or marking written/speaking/listening tests
– Testing new students for level placement
– Student/parent counseling or phone counseling
– Participating in student field trips and functions
– Attending teacher meetings/workshops/functions

Failure to regularly perform these duties when required can be used as grounds for dismissal.