All standard contracts in Korea include semi-furnished accommodations paid for by the employer. This is usually in the form of a studio or one-bedroom apartment, may be private or shared with another teacher and is usually within walking distance of the place of employment. If the accommodations are shared, each teacher will have his or her own bedroom with the kitchen, bathroom and other living space being shared with one or more other teachers.

Accommodations are usually quite decent and Korean employers are very mindful of gender issues. Teachers never have to live with their boss or a Korean family, though there may be some sort of temporary living arrangement when they initially arrive in Korea while an apartment is found or until a previous teacher leaves. The living quarters are always semi-furnished and usually supplied with items normally required for daily living in Korea; a fridge and gas range, a washing machine, a TV, a fan, table and chairs, a telephone, a bed, a wardrobe and basic kitchen items such as pots, utensils etc. Teachers may also be provided with a VCR, an air-conditioner, a desk, a sofa and personal bedding, but this is not a rule.

All other costs associated with normal living such as utilities (gas, water, electricity, telephone, cable, internet), food and repairs to damage incurred during the course of the teacher’s stay etc., are the teacher’s responsibility.