Private Language School Jobs Advantages of Working at Private Language Schools:

  • Jobs are available year-round, so you can find a great position no matter what time of year!
  • No previous teaching experience is required, as long as you have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in one of the seven designated English-speaking countries.
  • Competitive monthly salary based on a teacher’s education level and teaching experience.
  • Private schools usually have more native English speaking teachers who can assist you with the experience of daily life in Korea.
  • With so many private schools located all over Korea, you have a diversity of locations to choose from.
  • Smaller class sizes than public schools.
  • Lots of teaching materials and resources available, which is especially helpful for first-time teachers.
  • Good resume-building experience in a professional environment.
  • The hiring process for Private schools is simpler and faster than Public Schools so there is less waiting time.