Whether you are a fresh college graduate or a seasoned school teacher, You have come to teach English in Korea. It is probably going to be very different from anything you have ever experienced before. The language and culture are far different from your own; their history and society has evolved differently, the way they speak to each other and the things they expect from each other are not what you are used to. It is hard enough starting a new job in your own country; meeting the people and learning who is who and how they all relate, learning the company culture and fitting into it, and all the while learning the ropes of a new job and trying to perform up to the unvoiced expectations of your new employers, co-workers and students. Add to that having to deal with a completely new language, a totally different culture, and a way of life that is completely different from your own and you have a recipe for disaster if you do not properly prepare yourself.

This area of our website will help you put everything about your new job, your new employers, your new co-workers and your new students into perspective and give you a solid understanding of them all from which to begin your employment. Understanding them before you begin will enable you to fit into your new job far easier and help you to become comfortable with your surroundings with much less stress and confusion, which will enable you to perform your job better and enjoy yourself more, and will ultimately make you a better employee, co-worker and teacher.