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Job Details - 34622

Job Title A school right in the center of Seoul, Dong Dae Mun with short working hours
Posted By PlanetESL/TeachEnglishKorea
Job Number 34622
Location Seoul
Contract Information:
Start Date 2019-09-30
Contract Length 1 year
Salary 2.2M Won + per Month
Job Information :
Location: Seoul, Dong Dae Mun
Accommodation: Single
Distance from School: 10 minutes
Age Group: Elementary- Middle
Class Size: 10 students
Class Length: 40 minutes
Working Days: M - F
Schedule of Hours: 2pm-8pm
Base hrs/week/month: 120 hours
Salary: 2. 2 million+
Overtime Rate: 20,000 won
Severance Pay: 1 Month
Vacation Days: 10
Sick Leave: 3
Health Insurance: 50%/50%
Number of Korean Teachers: 5
Number of Foreign Teachers: 5
Starting Date: End Sep