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Job Details - 34366

Job Title Clean air and mountains in walking distance while living in Seoul
Posted By TeachEnglishKorea/PlanetESL
Job Number 34366
Location Seoul
Contract Information:
Start Date 06/15/2017
Contract Length 1 year
Salary 2.1M+ per Month
Job Information :
This school is part of a very-highly developed university language program that is very well-known and well-respected in Korea. The curriculum and books are all set and all teachers that we have placed here have been very happy with the system. This school is quite big and well organized. To help teachers in good conditions, this school tries to distribute short hours for teachers to work comfortably at the school.

Sungbuk district in Seoul is bordered by the mountains Suraksan and Bukhansan, on the northeast. These scenic mountains are popular among hikers and offer a welcome respite from the concrete jungle. The Jungnangcheon (or Jungnang Stream) flows through the western part of Nowon. The riverside is surfaced on both sides to provide an optimum facility for exercise such as running, skating and bicycle riding. There are numerous playground facilities for children, nested between the highrise apartment buildings. Nowon has excellent shopping and recreational facilities all built around the Nowon Subway Station. It is a lively, clean and safe town with excellent transport links, which makes it the ideal choice for young families.