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Korean Healthcare
Korean Dentists (6) Korean Hospitals & Clinics (16)
Korean Hospitals & Clinics

Location: Hanyang Univ. Station, line 2, exit number 1. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 02-2290-8114

Description: Hanyang University Medical Center has been on the leading edge in providing the highest quality health-care service since its foundation in 1972. It provides professional health-care service for U.S. Army family members as well as civilians. The medical center has opened an all new International Cooperation Hospital which is equipped with the highest quality facilities and highly trained nurses and specialists who speak English fluently and provide a comfortable atmosphere for foreign patients.

Location: Hannam building, Itaewon. About 300 meters up the street from Itaewon station
(line 6) exit 2. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 02-790-0857
Fax: 02-798-7480

Description: The International Clinic is a modern full service medical clinic specializing safe and effective natural therapies for a wide-range of medical conditions and disorders. Reservations can be made in English via their website or by phone.

Location: Irwon Station, line 3. Exit Irwon station and turn right and go 300m. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 02-3410-0200
Fax: 02-3410-0229

Description: Samsung Hospital is definitely one of the leading edge medical centers in the world. Launched on November 9, 1994 with the far-reaching vision of providing the finest healthcare services based on technological innovation and top-caliber medical staff, Samsung Medical Center currently operates in an intelligent building with a total floor space of over 2.1 million square feet in 20 stories above the ground and 5 stories underground. It has 1,278 beds and is home to 4,000 employees including 900 doctors and 1,100 nurses working in 40 departments, 8 specialty care centers and 100 specialized clinics.

Location: Songnae Station, line 2, 300m out of exit number 1. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 02-3010-5001

Description: The Asan Medical Center is the largest academic medical institution in Korea with a capacity of 2,180 beds and has more than 1000 medical staff and 40 specialized clinics. The International Clinic located on the first floor of the New East Wing has English speaking medical and health professionals including highly experienced oversea qualified physicians, nurses and receptionist to cater to the special needs of international patients and minimize their inconvenience of unfamiliar surroundings.

Location: Shinchon Station, Line 2. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 02-2228 -5800

Description: The Severance Hospital International Health Care Center first opened its doors in 1962 and has been expanding its services ever since. The center is staffed by doctors and nurses who are fluent in several languages and ready to serve the medical needs of foreigners in Korea. The center maintains an atmosphere of comfort and assurance, providing quality medical care and referrals to specialists throughout the hospital.

Location: Hyehwa station, line 4, exit 3. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 02-2072-2890
Fax: 02-2072-0395

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Description: Seoul National University Hospital has been ranked number 1 ranked among the Medical Institutions of Korea, as evaluated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, for 5 years in a row.


Location: Gaegum-dong 633-165, Busanjin-gu, Busan 614-735
Phone Service in English: 051-890-6114

Description: Busan-Paik Hospital is at the third stage (phase) of the medical service. To be treated at the Busan-Paik hospital, you need a reference letter from a doctor or a second phase clinic. If you don't have the reference, the first step is to see a doctor at the department of family medicine

Location: Tosungdong (PNUH) Station, Line 1. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 051-240-7890/2
Fax: 051-240-7893

Description: The PNUH opened an office for foreign workers, tourists and foreigners in the Pusan region in order to support their health care. The office also provides information regarding medical examination and treatment in English via a 24-hour English staff. Both inpatient and outpatient emergency treatment are available.


Location: Across from Seomun Market. See map for details.
Phone Service in English: 053-768-7467

Description: Dongsan Medical Center has been caring for U.S. Army personnel and family members, as well as civilians stationed in the Taegu and Kyungbook areas for almost half a century. Since it entered into an agreement and signed "Memorandum of Understanding" between the U.S. Army 18th MEDCOM and the Dongsan Medical Center in May, 2000, it has been providing the highest medical services by setting up an International Clinic to provide and practice clinical information, consultations and medical services for the foreign patients.

Location: 50 Samduk-2ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea. See map for details. Korean only.
Phone Service in English: 053-420-5525

Location: Next to the Hyundai Hotel. See map for details. Korean only.
Phone Service in English: 052-250-7271
Location: Across from the Royal Wedding Hall. See map for details. Korean only.
Phone service in English: 052-241-1222
Address: 104-1 Jungang-dong, Changwon, Kyungnam-do
Phone Service in English: 055-280-0410
Location: Down from the Grace Hotel. See map for details. Korean Only.
Phone Service in English: 064-740-5102
Koje (Okpo)
Location: 363 Doomo-dong, Jangseungpo, Kyungnam-do
Phone Service in English: 055-680-1101
Location: 90 Chilam-dong, Chinju, Kyungnam-do
Phone Service in English: 055-750-8108